University’s Anti-Israel Tent Encampment Funded via Dem ActBlue

( – ActBlue is a 20-year-old American political action committee and fundraising platform that serves Democrat and other left-leaning causes and political candidates. The right side of the aisle has a similar counterpart called WinRed. ActBlue is hosting a donation page created by the Progressive Caucus of Mid Michigan to financially support the anti-Israel protests Michigan State University.

The American public is growing impatient with the violent, disruptive and apparently well-funded protests in support of the terrorist group Hamas. However, there are still many anti-Israel and anti-American supporters still happy to bankroll the chaos on American college campuses. Journalism and international relations junior Cara Mack commented that the donations have been very helpful. She complained about the cold but added that she is with her friends.

With the protestors referring to their occupation as camping and performing dance routines it is hard to refute that this may be the social event of the season for many of America’s young people. Restless and bored youth seeking out opportunities to feel important and socialize isn’t unusual. The question becomes where the money is coming from and why. The students are part of a newly created supergroup called MSU Hurriya Coalition, which includes over 20 pro-Palestinian student activist organizations. The fundraiser on ActBlue is funneling money to the Progressive Caucus of Mid Michigan who in turn have been supporting the MSU campus protests.

In older Facebook posts the Progressive Caucus of Mid Michigan advocated for warming centers, better wages for workers, and endorsed Bernie Sanders. Now their page is so covered with pro-Palestine and anti-Israel slogans it would be easy to forget it is an American political group. They have also been openly denouncing President Joe Biden asserting that he is complicit in what they refer to as a genocide in Gaza. The Democrat party relies on ActBlue for fundraising, but they now seem to be funding both sides in an increasingly deep schism forming in their own ranks.

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