Majority Backs Mass Deportations of Illegal Aliens

( – In a recently released Harris poll, findings suggest that ever half of Americans support mass deportation of illegal immigrants. While the survey only included 6,251 people who were polled during March and April, some are concerned that this shows a significant shift in American sentiment about immigration. The chairman of The Harris Poll, Mark Penn, commented that he found the groundswell of public support for large-scale deportations surprising.

While support is high amongst those identified as Republicans at 68%, some were startled to see 42% of Democrats and 46% of Independents also support mass deportation of illegal immigrants. Looked at by age rather than political affiliation, Boomers showed the highest support at 60%, with each generation stepping down until you reach the still significant 35% of Gen Z who want deportations of illegals. It may be easy for some to condemn Americans as xenophobic, but the polling numbers just don’t back that up.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans agree that mass illegal immigration is a crisis but that doesn’t carry over to their views on legal immigration. Of those polled, 68% supported the U.S. making legal immigration easier. Only 27% thought legal immigration causes problems in communities while 68% said illegal immigration does. When asked to identify their worries about illegal immigration, those surveyed indicated increased crime rates, drugs, and violence as their concern at 21%. Others cited additional costs to taxpayers at 18% and risk to national security at 17%.

Some Democrat pundits have condemned Republicans for drumming up fear around the illegal immigration issue, but the recent Harris poll indicates it has become a bipartisan concern. Some House Democrats have even recently called for a return to Trump’s Remain in Mexico migrant processing policy. In the light of upcoming elections, illegal immigration will continue to be a hot topic. It is clear that something needs change, as the public no longer seem to be accepting carefully crafted narratives around the issue, choosing to believe their own eyes instead.

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