Miss USA Resigns

(IntegrityTimes.com) – Miss USA Noelia Voigt announced on Monday May 6 on her Instagram page that she is stepping down from her role as Miss USA.

Voigt, now 24 years old, won the Miss USA contest representing the state of Utah on September 29, 2023. Now seven months into the usual 12 month reign she says she is abdicating the role to prioritize her mental health. The Miss USA Organization released a statement supporting Voigt indicating that the wellbeing of their title holders is of tantamount priority.

Voigt has long been an advocate for mental health awareness among other causes she supports. Her stated interests are around raising awareness around issues like dating violence, bullying, mental health and immigration issues. She is the daughter of the American former professional baseball player Jack Voigt and a Venezuelan mother, Jackeline Briceño. Days before Voigt’s announcement of her resignation on her Instagram page, Claudia Michelle, the Miss USA social media director publicly announced her resignation as well.

Michelle’s sudden and acrimonious departure may be part of the reason some of Voigt’s fans are suspicious of her leaving her role a little over halfway through her term. Some have claimed that there is a secret message hidden in her Instagram post indicating that she is being silenced. Michelle’s post also accused the current management of the Miss USA pageant of speaking of their titleholders in an unprofessional and inappropriate way. Her post included cryptic remarks about workplace toxicity and bullying. The Miss USA Organization by expressing dismay over false accusations.

Speculations aside, many commenters are glad that Voigt is bringing attention to the ongoing mental health crisis. Her resignation post included statements about prioritizing her mental health and her hopes to inspire others to do the same. The American medical profession and the school systems have been working to improve awareness and provide wellness tools to help people manage their mental health. While some believe this is vital, others suggest that the over-emphasis on these issues may be damaging the mental health of some. While Voigt steps aside and gets the mental help that she needs, some reports indicate that the second-place contestant from 2023, Savannah Gankiewicz of Hawaii, has already been offered the post.

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