French Government Denies Kristi Noem’s Meeting Cancellation Claim

( – France’s government has taken aim at Republican South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s controversial autobiography No Going Back, which has already been criticized for its content to such a degree that it risks ruining her chances of being former President Donald Trump’s selection for vice-president.

Noem has already omitted a passage in which she claimed to have met with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un, and officials at the Élysée Palace, Paris are questioning another part of the book in which Noem claims to have met the French President Emmanuel Macron. Noem claims in the passage that she canceled a scheduled meeting with Macron after he allegedly made “pro-Hamas” and “anti-Israel” comments.

Noem already caused a stir in April when she revealed she had killed her aggressive and “untrainable” dog as well as a goat. Construction workers reportedly witnessed her killing both animals. Noem has also been banned from six Native American reservations following her comments about reservation life and tribal leaders. She further angered indigenous communities after she claimed tribal leaders personally benefited from drug cartel activity and that children in the native community had no hope because of absent parents.

According to a French official, there was no planned meeting with Noem, and she had not been invited to one either. Ian Fury, Noem’s spokesman, told reporters that Macron invited the governor to join him at the Arc de Triomphe for a Veterans Day parade on November 16. Fury claimed that Macron was not in attendance at the event, despite video evidence suggesting otherwise. Noem was in the French capital to speak at the Worldwide Freedom Initiative conference in November 2023. Noem apparently took issue with Macron’s pleas with Israel to stop bombing Gaza.

Noem admitted that including a segment in her book on the meeting with Kim Jong-Un, which never happened, was a mistake. She nonetheless claimed to have met many world leaders in her travels, including Jordan’s King Abdullah II, Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Similarly dubious claims have also been made in the past by the Democrats; in 2008 Hillary Clinton’s comments backfired during her ultimately unsuccessful campaign for presidential nomination. Clinton falsely claimed that she had traveled to Bosnia and had to keep her head down when under fire from snipers.

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