NYP Columnist Canceled for Talking about Cancel Culture

(IntegrityTimes.com) – A New York Post columnist recently released a lengthy piece detailing her experiences with cancel culture. The columnist, Rikki Schlott, has written extensively about modern issues, politics, and the entertainment industry and had planned to appear on a panel at the South by Southwest movie festival. Schlott claims she experienced a massive surge in online hate after she wrote about cancel culture and its effect on American society.

The panel elected to decline Schlott’s attempt to attend the event, which she claims stems from her decision to openly oppose the cancel culture phenomenon. Schlott received confirmation about the panel’s decision in an email, which said it decided against letting her speak due to her various commentaries regarding cancel culture. When sharing her experience with the South by Southwest panel, Schlott called the cancellation ironic, as it stemmed from her decision to discuss cancel culture.

While Schlott has written several columns about cancel culture, she also published a book about how cancel culture is a social harm that can destroy people’s trust in one another. Schlott’s book features a collection of stories centered around people who’ve experienced the harmful effect of cancel culture and offers a potential solution. Due to its subject matter, Schlott’s book, “The Canceling of the American Mind,” received immense online criticism. Schlott said she was surprised to have experienced a cancellation because she didn’t plan to address cancel culture during her appearance at the film festival.

The panel Schlott planned on attending focused on how independent voters could use their lack of party affiliation to mend the political divide between conservative and liberal Americans. Schlott identifies as an independent voter and expressed confusion on how the panel related to her various pieces regarding cancel culture. While the columnist seems confused about the cancellation and how it relates to the event, online commenters aren’t entirely surprised, given South by Southwest’s subtle support of the Democratic Party in the past.

Multiple Democratic officials, including President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama, have attended the film festival in the past. Controversial liberal Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) has also participated in the festival. While the festival’s primary focus is to showcase up-and-coming movies and share information about their production, the event also organizes panels with speakers discussing ongoing issues or relevant political topics. While Schlott said the event to cancel her appearance stemmed from her stance on cancel culture, the event’s staff claimed that they simply didn’t want Schlott to join the panel as it lacked a focus on the controversial topic.

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