Biden’s Slip-Ups Continue As His Memory Keeps Getting Worse

( – President Biden’s recent behavior at a fundraiser in Westchester, New York, brought his cognitive capabilities into the spotlight once again.

The fundraiser was hosted at the home of actor Michael Douglas during the afternoon hours, which disrupted learning for students in nearby schools. Most released students early due to road closures for the campaign event. Biden gave a speech to an exclusive crowd of around 100. He took jabs at former President Trump, launching many knowingly false accusations toward the 45th president. Most notably, he attempted to continue the narrative about the riot of January 6, 2021, at the Capitol but mixed it up with a truly significant day in United States history. Biden remarked that Americans would “never forget the dark days of June 6 – January 6, excuse me.”

June 6 is the day that American and Allied troops landed in Normandy, France, during World War II, known as D-Day. Biden also claimed that Trump told Americans to “inject bleach in their arms,” which is a lie he has continuously told over the last several weeks.” He attempted to joke over the matter, telling the elitist crowd that Trump bleached his hair. Biden said that Trump lied about the pandemic, likely referencing Bob Woodward’s book, where he wrote that Trump said he tried to downplay the virus. However, Trump publicly made similar remarks to prevent the public from panicking.

Biden also claimed that Trump ordered the teargassing of peaceful protestors during the George Floyd riots in Washington D.C., which was another falsehood. In reality, rioters refused to clear the area the day after setting fire to a historic church near the White House, which Trump visited to see the damage caused by the rioters. Biden also claimed that Trump wrote love letters to North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un. Outside the event, pro-Palestinian protesters repetitively chanted genocide accusations toward Biden, which has come to be expected nearly everywhere the 46th president goes.

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