Kennedy Dares Trump To Face Off

( – Independent 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. challenged former President Trump to a debate after the 45th president launched a series of claims against him in multiple Truth Social posts. Trump wrote that Kennedy was “a Democrat ‘Plant,’” to help Biden’s reelection efforts. He also said that anyone voting for Kennedy would be a “WASTED PROTEST VOTE,” which could ultimately hurt Biden more than himself if Republicans learned about his policies.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, Kennedy made a lengthy post aimed at Trump. He accused the former president of being afraid and claimed that his post contained inaccuracies. He complimented Trump on his debate skills after recommending the two go head-to-head on stage.

Kennedy offered a sneak peek of the arguments he would bring forward, claiming that he would prove Trump was disloyal to his followers. He insinuated that Trump lied about wanting to end the war in Ukraine while he was actually working with House Speaker Mike Johnson and President Biden to send more money to the war-torn country. He accused him of caving to Big Pharma and blasted him for running up the largest debt in United States history.

Kennedy also slammed Trump for allowing businesses to be shut down during the pandemic and accused him of inundating his administration with establishment actors. He concluded the post by reiterating his debate challenge along with a dig at Trump for allegedly hiding in his bunker while launching attacks against him.

In a subsequent post, Trump blasted Kennedy’s stance on the Second Amendment, environmental issues, and tax increases, among other things. He noted that Kennedy’s running mate was bankrolling his campaign. He recalled a period when he and Kennedy both lived in New York City, during which Kennedy influenced former Governor Andrew Cuomo to impose extreme environmental restrictions on drilling and fracking in the state. He pointed out that Cuomo’s policies resulted in a massive increase in energy costs.

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