Greg Abbott Pushes Back Against Biden Over National Guard Control

( – Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has hit back at President Joe Biden over the White House’s attempts to control the National Guard.

In March the Defense Department requested that Congress scrap a law that currently requires changes to National Guard units to be approved by governors. The move has raised concerns that National Guard troops could be reallocated by the Defense Force for the federal government’s purposes. In his letter to the president, Abbott praised the efforts of the National Guard in protecting the state’s 30 million civilians from disasters ranging between wildfires, hurricanes and the southern border crisis.

In his letter dated May 3, Abbott stressed that Biden’s Legislative Proposal 480 presented an “intolerable threat” to the state’s National Guard, and declared his opposition to any attempts by the White House to “sideline” state governors. The governor slated the plans to overturn a historical agreement and called the proposal a “dangerous precedent” that would allow National Guard units to be dismantled on the federal government’s whim.

Specifically referring to plans to build up the U.S. Space Force, signed into law by former president Donald Trump in 2019, Abbott accused Biden of attempting a “power grab” and pleaded with the president to instead work together with governors in line with federal law. The governor has long fought back against the Biden administration, having blasted Biden over the unprecedented illegal crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border. Biden was previously encouraged by Democratic representatives in January to federalize the National Guard in order to forcibly take down razor wire fencing installed along the southern Texas border. The Supreme Court sided with the Biden administration when it ruled on January 22 that the razor wire was illegally erected.

The Biden administration has repeatedly sued Texas over its immigration policies. In March 2024 the White House attacked the Supreme Court for allowing the state to pass its Senate Bill 4 law announced by Abbott in late 2023, which lets the state arrest and deport migrants who have crossed the border illegally. Abbott warned that the White House’s proposed “power grab” of the National Guard would be a serious political blunder for the president.

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