NYPD Detectives Rescue Woman from Ledge of NYC Skyscraper

(IntegrityTimes.com) – On Wednesday May 1, a little after 3:00pm, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) were called in to an emergency situation at a skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan. The Department called in their Emergency Service Unit (ESU) officers.

An apparently suicidal woman was on a ledge 54 stories above the city. The ESU team were originally blocked by seven-foot-high glass barriers from the woman. ESU team members held her left arm through a gap in the barriers as the rest of the team went to work on the rescue plan.

Officers carefully tried to keep the woman calm, while helping her retain her footing. On the video footage shared by the NYPD on their Facebook page, you can hear them asking her questions and assuring her that they are going to help. Her name and face were censored to protect her privacy. While that was happening, others worked together to create a system of ropes and pulleys to pull the woman over the glass barriers to safety.

In the dangerous rescue mission, officers were tethered to ropes as they maneuvered over the glass barricades. Once there, they hoisted the woman over the obstacles and onto the building’s rooftop. The relief of the entire team is palpable in the footage as soon as she is safely on her feet. Although the circumstances were potentially deadly for nearly all of them, the officers maintained an attitude of confidence and positivity throughout. They could be heard reassuring her repeatedly in the video.

Once safe and secure, the woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital. While protecting the woman’s privacy, the police released the footage on their website to share what the department does in their finest hours. While such dramatic rescues are not what people always think of when they think of the police, they have always been a part of the job. The NYPD was quick to give credit to the ESU though. The caption on the rescue video said that when the public need help, they call the police, but when they need help, they call ESU.

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