Isra Hirsi, Daughter of Ilhan Omar, Homeless After Anti-Israel Protests Suspension

( – On Thursday April 18, New York law enforcement arrested more than 100 demonstrators as they removed the pro-Palestinian protest encampment at Columbia University.

The mass arrests including Isra Hirsi, whose mother is the radical leftwing Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar. Protests demanding a ceasefire in Gaza have been happening around the country since the October 7 attack on Israel by the Palestinian terrorist group, Hamas. Some of the protests, including the one Omar’s daughter was arrested at, have been accused of encouraging violence against Jewish people.

Hirsi spoke with Teen Vogue about her arrest and her suspension from Barnard College, which is a Columbia University affiliate school for people who identify as women. She said that she was kept zip tied for seven hours at 1 Police Plaza in Manhattan while the police processed all of the protestors they had arrested. She also accused the president of Barnard College Laura Rosenbury of taking a “very egregious stand” against the Barnard College student protestors.

In addition to being suspended, Hirsi was banned from the campus dining hall, and evicted from campus housing. She admitted to Teen Vogue that she was frantic and worried about where she would sleep and how she would obtain food. She mentioned that she had emailed the school telling them that she relied upon her campus food card for meals. However, the reply only offered her a prepackaged bag of food, but she complained they wouldn’t be providing other food support.

Some online commenters have criticized Hirsi’s statement, particularly the one where she referred to herself as unhoused. As she is the beloved daughter of a sitting senator, some have judged the comment insensitive and an inappropriate exaggeration. Omar has publicly declared her pride in her daughter’s activist work. The White House, on the other hand, has released a statement condemning the violence and intimidation of Jewish students that has been taking place on various American college campuses.

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