Biden’s Past Tweet on Violence Resurfaces

( – During the summer of 2020, violent riots took place in multiple cities across the nation after the killing of George Floyd. Then-presidential candidate Joe Biden claimed that then-President Trump was responsible for the violence.

One of Biden’s 2020 posts is facing criticism amid the violent anti-Israel protests taking place on college and university campuses around the country. Biden or one of his staff members tweeted at the time on Twitter, now X, that the violence Trump was continuously condemning “happened on his watch,” adding, “Under his leadership. During his presidency.”

After the post began circulating, users blasted Biden for failing to speak up as Jewish college students are forced to stay off campus and finish out the term via virtual learning. One media contributor said that Biden has remained silent over the violent protests because he is scared of losing votes from radical progressives in states like Michigan. Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer suggested that Biden refer to his past tweets, accusing him of failing to lead the country through the chaos. He also said that the multi-day protests riddled with antisemitic rhetoric and signs were worse than the Charlottesville protest that Biden often refers to when criticizing Trump for allegedly siding with the neo-Nazis present at the 2017 event.

One Republican strategist referred to the results of a Gallup poll that asked Americans if they felt that crime had increased in the last two years. Seventy-five percent of respondents said they thought there was more crime now than in 2022. A shocking 40 percent of Americans are too scared to walk outside at night by themselves, even when less than a mile from their homes. The strategist said that Americans had not felt this way since 1993 during Clinton’s presidency, which led to massive gains for Republicans in the House and Senate. During that period, Clinton had a 46 percent approval rating. Biden currently sits at 39 percent approval. Biden finally directly addressed the matter on Thursday after a violent anti-Israel protest at UCLA.

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