White House Dodges Questions on Anti-Israel Protesters and Loan Forgiveness

(IntegrityTimes.com) – On April 12 the Department of Education released a statement announcing that under the Biden administration $153 billion in student debt has been forgiven. These numbers reflect debt held by approximately 4.3 million Americans.

The statement also indicated that another 200,000 borrowers will see student debt relief amounting to $7.4 billion. Some are wondering if all of these taxpayer-funded relief programs will be benefiting students who are currently terrorizing their Jewish classmates on campuses all over the United States.

Since the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, anti-Israel protests have sprung up around the world. Most of the protests started by demanding a ceasefire in Gaza but have escalated to calling for leveling Israel and encouraging violence against Jewish people worldwide. Israel has resisted ceasefire requests as Hamas has steadfastly refused to return the remainder of the hostages they took in October. Pro-Palestine activists have characterized Israel’s actions against Hamas as a genocide of the Palestinian people.

While some would like to keep the issues separate, questions about the illegal and disruptive activities of the student protestors affecting their ability to access student loan forgiveness programs are inevitable. Many Americans don’t support using taxpayer funds for student debt relief programs, and even less if it may benefit those that they consider domestic terrorists. Hundreds of protestors have been arrested, but more continue to block roads, occupy college campuses and disrupt the everyday lives of innocent people.

Alex Beene, a financial literacy instructor at the University of Tennessee, says that tying student’s political belief to their access to student loan forgiveness is a flimsy political ploy. He claims that many of the protestors may not need any student debt relief. House Majority Whip Tom Emmer of Minnesota has characterized the protesters as radical pro-terrorist antisemites. Many commentors on social media seem to agree with Emmer’s assessment and are outraged that the government may be inadvertently funding them through student loan assistance.

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