Hunter Biden Seeks Dismissal Of Tax Charges

( – Legally embattled first son Hunter Biden attended a court hearing in a Los Angeles federal court on March 27 to request that tax evasion charges against him be dropped. He is facing nine charges, which include three felonies, for failing to pay over $1.4 million in taxes for the tax years of 2016 to 2019.

Instead of paying what he owed, he spent millions on his drug addiction, expensive cars, and escorts. Hunter Biden ultimately settled his tax bill, but not until after Biden took office. His trial is supposed to begin in June, which will likely lead to daily news headlines that could affect his father’s chances at re-election. However, most left-leaning media outlets may forgo coverage to run cover for President Biden’s campaign.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers argued that Special Counsel David Weiss and the Department of Justice (DOJ) only brought the charges “in direct response to political pressure and its own self-interests.” Judge Mark Scarsi did not seem convinced that Weiss’s decision to bring the charges was related to political pressure. Biden’s attorneys also claimed that the plea deal he had originally made with Weiss gave him immunity from additional charges, but the United States Probation Office refused to sign off on the deal and it was withdrawn. Scarsi pointed out that fact during the hearing, stating that a “natural reading” of the plea agreement showed that there was a required signature missing to allow its execution.

Weiss has pushed back on claims that he was pressured into filing the charges. He emphasized that the DOJ was not taking directions from Republican lawmakers. The House Oversight Committee has scrutinized Hunter Biden’s business dealings during its investigation into the multiple businesses of the Biden family. The committee has promised to show the American people that President Biden, Hunter Biden, and various other Biden family members engaged in an influence-peddling scheme for decades of Joe Biden’s public service career.

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