El Paso Braces As Migrant Caravan Approaches

(IntegrityTimes.com) – A migrant caravan is making its way to the United States, according to recent reports from journalists on the ground. Oscar Blue Ramirez, who goes by Oscar El Blue on X, formerly Twitter, has spent the last several years reporting on illegal migration, often reporting stories that the mainstream media ignores.

On March 25, he posted footage of nearly 3,000 migrants in southern Mexico, claiming that they were headed to the United States. The leader of the group was chanting through a bullhorn in Spanish, “To the border,” adding, “We are not criminals, we are international workers.”

A nonprofit activist group called Migrant Way of the Cross is reportedly aiding the caravan in reaching its destination. The caravan set off from Tapachula, Mexico, near the Guatemalan border on March 25. The activists met up with the caravan in Chiapas, Mexico, aiming to provide essentials and security on the journey to the United States. Reverand Francisco Bueno Guillen, who serves as the director of a migrant shelter in Juarez, Mexico, said that the border city is preparing to receive around 2,000 migrants traveling from Chiapas over the next several days.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently ordered the deployment of several hundred additional state National Guardsmen to El Paso. Two planes full of Texas Tactical Border Force soldiers arrived in the city just days after the violent altercation between hundreds of illegal migrants and five Texas National Guardsmen. On April 1, the caravan was reportedly on its way to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, which butts up against El Paso, Texas. Illegal migrants from at least 20 countries were reportedly in the caravan.

Some of the illegal migrants will be applying for asylum using the CBP One App, which will allow them to enter the United States at a port of entry to be processed and paroled into the country.

Meanwhile, the illegal migrants who were arrested and jailed by Texas officials were released into federal custody after a judge claimed that the El Paso District Attorney’s Office was not prepared to hold a large number of bond hearings. However, the DA contradicted the judge’s claims, arguing that he only wished to have the hearings on a weekday instead of Easter Sunday.

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