Arizona Upholds Law Cracking Down On Abortions

( – The Arizona Supreme Court handed down a ruling on April 9 that sparked nationwide discussions about abortion. The state’s high court decided to uphold a law from 1864 that made it a felony to perform an abortion.

Sixteen states in the country have completely banned the procedure, although some offer exceptions. The 4-2 decision lifted a stay on the law, which was passed before Arizona was officially a state. The court also declined to uphold the state’s 2022 law signed by Republican Governor Doug Ducey, which banned abortions at 15 weeks. The old law will take effect in just 14 days.

Despite the ruling, the court kicked the case back to a lower court to adjudicate the constitutionality of the old law. Arizona Democratic Attorney General Kris Mayes said that she would not enforce the 1864 law. Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs signed an executive order to prevent county attorneys from prosecutorial actions against women seeking an abortion and doctors performing abortions. Hobbs called on the state legislature to repeal the old law. She claimed that the state’s Republican majority has repeatedly declined to protect what she believes to be a form of freedom.

Former President Trump was asked if the state supreme court went too far during a visit to Atlanta on April 10. He replied, “Yeah they did, and that will be straightened out.” He expressed confidence that Hobbs and the state legislature would take care of the issue quickly. Trump has long said that the issue of abortion should be decided by the states and the people within each state. He has continuously expressed pride for the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which sent the abortion question back to states to legislate. Biden’s reelection campaign wasted no time blaming Trump for the Arizona ruling.

Campaign communications director Michael Tyler released a statement following the ruling, claiming that Trump’s goal was “banning abortion every chance he gets.” Democrats, however, believe that it is just fine to have unfettered abortion access legislated by the federal government.

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