Soros-Backed News Network CEO Frequent White House Visitor

( – Soros-backed Courier Newsroom founder, Tara McGowan, has spent a vast amount of time at the White House in recent years, according to a review conducted by Fox News Digital. Several White House aides have met with McGowan one-on-one, including Jordan Finkelstein, the chief of staff of a top adviser to President Biden. The pair met six times in less than a year, with their last known meeting occurring in October 2023. McGowan also met with Patrick Stevenson, who serves as the Deputy Assistant to President Biden. His LinkedIn profile also says he is a Senior Advisor for Digital Strategy.

At least three other top aides to Biden have met with McGowan. Stevenson’s meetings with McGowan have raised questions about the nature of the meetings, given that the Courier Newsroom’s purpose is to foster conversations online and on social media. McGowan previously worked for Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. After that, she began working for one of the largest super PACs for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Last year, Courier Newsroom was granted an exclusive interview with Biden following an Illinois rally.

Courier Newsroom is focused on targeting battleground states and has opened 11 newsrooms across the nation. NewsGuard correspondent Gabby Deutch previously blasted the Courier Newsroom as a “political operation” that was aiming to push “hyperlocal partisan propaganda.” George Soros’ Open Society Foundations has given large amounts of cash to Courier Newsroom. One of the foundation’s nonprofits, Fund for Policy Reform, gave the outlet $5 million through three separate grants.

The foundation has defended its support of Courier Newsroom, claiming that it was created in response to the fading number of trustworthy local news sources in the country. Another mega-backer of Courier Newsroom is Reid Hoffman. The LinkedIn co-founder has donated millions to Democrats and helped fund E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against former President Trump. Planned Parenthood has also given money to Courier Newsroom.

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