Secretary Blinken Reacts to Moscow Terror Attack

( – United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken released a statement on March 23, condemning the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall in Moscow. Blinken expressed condolences and solidarity with the Russian people, calling it a “horrific event.”

The attack killed 133 people and injured many more, with ISIS taking responsibility shortly after. Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a televised address to the nation, claiming that the suspected terrorists were heading to Ukraine. He also said that they had assistance from inside Ukraine. He vowed that everyone involved in the attack would be held to account. Russian authorities arrested 11 people following the attack, four of whom were believed to be the gunmen.

Ukrainian officials said that the country was not involved in the attack. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that Putin’s accusations were levied to drum up opposition to Ukraine and create distance between Kyiv and its international supporters. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy accused Putin of failing to protect his own citizens from terrorists while sending his military into Ukraine. He also claimed that Putin would use the terrorist attack to his advantage if Russian citizens remained silent instead of asking about Russia’s foreknowledge of the attacks.

National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson released a statement following the attack, revealing that the United States had recently shared information with Russia about a potential terrorist attack in the nation’s capital city. The United States followed its “duty to warn” policy, which has been standard procedure for many years. The State Department and the U.S. embassy in Moscow had also urged Americans in Russia to avoid crowded public places due to the planned attack. Multiple European leaders issued statements condemning the attack and expressed condolences to the victims and their families. Interpol also offered to help with Russia’s investigation into the attack. On March 25, the U.S. embassy in Paris issued an alert to Americans in France, warning that terrorists could be planning to target tourist locations.

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