Republican Congressman Files for Divorce Amid Colleague Relationship Rumors

( – Court records from Gwinnett County showed on May 16 that Georgia Republican Representative Rich McCormick filed for divorce from his wife Debra Miller on May 3. The conservative congressman is also rumored to have a relationship with Texas Republican Representative Beth Van Duyne. It remains unclear how much time the two conservative representatives have been romantically involved.

The legal documents also revealed that both McCormick and Miller filed a restraining order, which is a common procedure in every single case of divorce that takes place in the central Georgia county. Some journalists have said on social media that people familiar with the matter have claimed that the two conservative leaders have been romantically involved since January, but they could have started their relationship a year earlier.

Other political reporters have said that the first time people suspected they were having a relationship was during a GOP Study Committee lunch, as some GOP members saw both of them sitting at the same table and holding hands. McCormick and Van Duyne were also seen on Congress acting romantically with each other.

The Texas Congresswoman officially divorced her ex-husband back in 2012. A spokesman for the Georgia Congressman said in a statement that McCormick and Miller have been separated for a long time, but didn’t specify for how long exactly. He also said that he had maintained that issue privately and would keep his “personal life” away from media attention as much as possible. The spokesman added that the rumor in the House of Representatives about a hypothetical relationship between the two Republican leaders is nothing more than “old news.”

During an interview with the Daily Mail, Miller didn’t specify how much time she and her husband have been separated but suggested that the reason behind the end of their marriage was that McCormick was having an affair with Van Duyne. When asked to elaborate more on the matter, Miller told the reporter that he should make those questions to the two conservative leaders.

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