Ohio Election Official Criticizes Democrats Overrule Change

(IntegrityTimes.com) – On Monday May 27 Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose published an op-ed denouncing Democrats for blaming him for their failure to meet Ohio’s state deadline for official nomination of a candidate.

Traditionally candidates are confirmed at a nominating convention, which the Democrats have scheduled in Ohio for August 8. However, the final date for official nomination in Ohio is August 7 as they must confirm their presidential candidates 90 days before the general election. Exceptions have been made in the past, but with the election processes under intense scrutiny this election cycle many are cautious about actions that may be misinterpreted.

Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine is calling for a special legislative session to ensure that President Biden is on the 2024 ballot in Ohio. DeWine is deeply conscious that they are running out of time and has called the situation absurd. LaRose admitted that exceptions have been made on other occasions. Then-president Barack Obama and Senator Mitt Romney both benefitted from a temporary extension of the deadline in 2012. Donald Trump was also granted an extension when he was still president in 2020.

LaRose has expressed frustration with the situation he claims was created by Democrats. When the election law was passed a decade ago Democrats controlled the Ohio House which now must be fixed with special sessions on a regular basis. LaRose is Ohio’s chief elections officer and says that his hands are tied. He added that he didn’t create problems and his duty is to uphold the law. He claims Democrats have “flipped the script” by first saying not upholding election laws is a threat to democracy, and now that upholding them is a threat to democracy.

LaRose says that having Biden on the ballot is in the best interests of American voters but suggests that it is not his fault if Democrats are willing to risk that by missing the deadline. He says that the last attempt to fix the legislation around the issue was stymied by Democrats refusal to support the changes which included a ban on foreigners’ contributing to political campaigns. The Democrat party have decided to solve the pressing issue of the 2024 ballot with a modern workaround. Biden will be virtually nominated ahead of the deadline before the convention. He is expected to formally accept the nomination at the convention as scheduled.

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