Fani Willis Slams ‘Illegitimate’ Investigations by Jim Jordan

( – In an interview on Monday May 20 Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis had a lot of criticism for House Judiciary Committee Chair Ohio Republican Jim Jordan. Willis is the prosecutor in the election interference case against former President Trump in Georgia.

She was almost dismissed in March when her romantic relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade. However, Wade stepped down instead when Judge Scott McAfee ruled that one of them needed to do so because of the significant appearance of impropriety.

Jordan’s committee is investigation Willis and her office regarding her alleged misuse of federal funds. Earlier this year, he threatened to hold Willis in contempt of Congress unless she cooperated with the investigation. While Willis ultimately agreed to cooperate, she continues to rail against the investigation as well as Jordan himself. She has characterized the investigation as illegitimate and called Jordan disgusting. Willis has also suggested that Jordan should be focusing on his own jurisdiction as it is suffering from poverty and high crime rates.

Referring to Jordan as a clown, Willis continued her complaints during the interview suggesting that he has state level support for what she refers to as attacks on her and her office. Jordan is investigating her office’s plan to use part of a $488,000 federal grant on “frivolous, unrelated expenses”. However, Willis says the investigation is just a way to interfere with her investigation into former president Trump.

Willis says that her office has compiled the subpoenas Jordan has issued in the course of his investigation, and implied he is welcome to look over their grant programs. While she has expressed hopes to begin the Georgia election interference case in August 2024, it does not seem likely that will happen. Jordan’s investigation as well as the delays caused when her romantic relationship with Nathan Wade came to light may delay it significantly. She is apparently undaunted though, as she claims that recent events have only made her stronger.

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