Reports Suggest Fifth Murder Charge for Gilgo Beach Serial Killer Suspect

( – Suspected serial killer Rex Heuermann may be facing additional charges relating to a fifth victim in the Gilgo Beach murders.

Police conducted a new six-day search of Heuermann’s home in Long Island. Just a few days prior, law enforcement had spent nine days searching woodlands in Manorville, where two of the victim’s bodies had been found in the early 2000s. Suffolk County district attorney’s office spokeswoman Tania Lopez confirmed that a hearing is set for Thursday May 6.

Heuermann was arrested in 2023 and charged with the murders of four young women, all of whom were involved in prostitution. All four victims were found in within a quarter of a mile of each other December of 2010 near Gilgo Beach in Long Island. Other bodies were found at Gilgo Beach, including three who have not been identified and three who have.

All of those who have been identified were also known to work as prostitutes. Valerie Mack went missing in 2000, Jessica Taylor vanished in 2003, and Karen Vergata was last seen in 1996 and never reported missing. Those not yet identified include a female toddler, a young woman believed to be the child’s mother, and a young Asian male.

Heuermann’s arrest hinged on DNA evidence collected by investigators when he discarded a pizza box near his midtown Manhattan office. A married man with two kids, Heuermann worked as an architect for almost three decades. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Robert Macedonio, Heuermann’s wife Asa Ellerup’s attorney, says the recent searches have been focused on the basement of Heuermann’s Long Island house. Ellerup has filed for divorce but still visits her husband weekly. She lives with their two adult children and is not a suspect in the case, although she publicly maintains her opinion that he is not capable of the crimes he is accused of.

While there has been no official statement released, many are speculating that Heuermann may be charged for the murder of Mack, Taylor or possibly both of them. Heuermann is being held at the Riverhead Correctional Facility which is about 50 miles from his home. The case is still ongoing, although Heuermann’s trial is scheduled for some time in September.

The decades-long mystery captured the public attention with a Netflix special in 2020. It had also featured in various true crime specials, podcasts, an independent film and even lyrics by the American pop band Panama Wedding. Heuermann’s wife has agreed to participate in an original docuseries by the Peacock streaming service.

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