Maher Rewards Celebrities for Fighting Cancel Culture

( –┬áCelebrity talk show host Bill Maher has created a new award for celebrities who fight against cancel culture, including best-selling fantasy author J.K. Rowling and country music icon Garth Brooks. Maher’s award, known as the Cojones Awards, depicts a set of testicles through a miniature golden statue. Maher has only given out two Cojones Awards since creating the comical celebration of anti-cancel culture sentiment and gave the second award to country singer Garth Brooks.

Maher awarded Brooks the Cojones Award after Brooks announced that his new bar would serve Bud Light, despite public outcry against the beer brand for the 2023 Dylan Mulvaney controversy. The Mulvaney scandal prompted heavy backlash from online audiences and sparked a weeks-long boycott of Bud Light from people who disagreed with Mulvaney’s transgender identity and outspoken stance on gender politics. Although many people within Brooks’ audience said that supporting Bud Light wouldn’t be acceptable, Brooks claimed that he wouldn’t give in to cancel culture and remove the popular beer from his new bar, established in Nashville, Tennessee.

Maher celebrated Brooks’ decision to fight against cancel culture, acknowledging that country musicians often cater to Republican and conservative audiences. According to Maher, Brooks took a risk by refusing to give into the Bud Light boycott, which took bravery and a willingness to lose many of his fans. Brooks said that if people want to boycott Bud Light, he doesn’t mind that, but he clarified by stating that people who want to boycott the beer should avoid his bar.

Although Maher often criticizes conservatives and supports those who fight against them, the talk show host also acknowledged J.K. Rowling’s outspoken stance on transgender politics and awarded her a Cojones Award. Rowling famously lost public support after she made multiple statements regarding transgender women, including a transgender woman who murdered a man and tortured several cats in Britain. Rowling claimed that biological women and transgender women are not the same and said the transgender murderer case is an example of the difference between biological and transgender women.

Maher expressed his support for Rowling’s outspoken opposition to gender politics, claiming that while he doesn’t necessarily agree, people shouldn’t be afraid to speak their minds due to cancel culture. Maher also acknowledged multiple influencers who used to be “body positive” but have since changed their stance and claimed obesity is a genuine health issue, claiming they, too, deserve a Cojones Award.

Despite Maher’s segment about cancel culture, the talk show host is an outspoken liberal who often brings on anti-Trump guests, such as actor Robert De Niro. De Niro recently appeared on Maher’s show to talk about Trump, calling the former president a “fascist” and telling Maher that Trump would likely target both of them if he wins the 2024 presidential election.

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