Democrats Face Disappointing Results in Texas Survey

( – Surveys conducted in April in Texas have indicated that President Joe Biden and the Democrats are less popular than Republicans among the state’s Hispanic voters.

The results of the survey, which showed strong support for the policies of Republican Governor Greg Abbott among the Latin American community, do not bode well for the incumbent president. Abbott’s Operation Lone Star, which appears to have plenty of support among of the Democrats’ key voter demographics, was launched in 2021 in response to the southern border crisis. Abbott laid blame on Biden’s government for failing to secure the border and for not supporting the state enough in reinforcing it.

In late 2023 Abbott announced the SB 4 law, which would allow local and state authorities to arrest and deport migrants who have crossed the border illegally. The federal government has repeatedly blocked the law from entering effect, and has sued the state several times over its immigration policies.

Polls conducted in swing states Arizona and Nevada among other states also saw Biden falling out of favor with Hispanic voters regardless of their support for the Democratic Party’s ideals. Despite a history of controversial comments on Latin Americans by the former president that have been branded racist by many Democrats, Trump is rising in popularity as Biden’s declines among one of the Democrats’ key voter bases. Regarding the southern border, Abbott is leading over Biden by 54% to 24% in approval ratings. Half of Hispanic voters approved of Abbott’s border control policies. The polls confirm that many Hispanic residents of Texas are frustrated by the record influx of migrants crossing the border illegally.

The University of Texas found in its poll published on May 1, 2024 that Trump holds a 48% to 40% lead over Biden in the state. The Politics Project poll also found that only 8% of Texan voters were unconcerned about the migrants crossing the border.

Views on the issue of abortion were more divided, however; 45% said the state’s abortion laws should be more lenient, 23% felt they should remain the same, 20% wanted the laws to be stricter and 10% had no opinion. Regarding the border, 69% were in favor of deploying additional police and military personnel to the southern border, 65% wanted walls and barriers to be built and reinforced and 62% wanted it to be a state crime to be in the state undocumented.

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