Scotland’s Leader John Swinney Stumbles Over ‘Woman’ Definition

( – Scotland’s new leader has already caused embarrassment for the celtic nation’s ruling Scottish National Party less than a week after taking on the role by failing to answer the question “what is a woman?”.

After Scotland, like England, has seen the appointment of two unelected leaders in a row, First Minister Scott Winney has already stumbled over the same issue that marred the terms of his predecessors Nicola Sturgeon and Humza Yousaf. Winney responded by saying that he believes both adult females born as women and transgender “women” qualify as women.

The SNP is not the only political party in Britain struggling to define what a woman is. Labour Party leader Keir Starmer infamously made a U-turn on the transgender issue; having said in 2021 that it was “not right” for gender critical Labour MP Rosie Duffield to say that only women can have cervixes, he accepted three years later that she was “of course” right to say so. Former Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon came under mounting criticism shortly before her resignation when she used female pronouns to refer to a convicted double rapist who was set to end up in a women’s prison. When the case of 32-year-old Isla Bryson, formerly known as Adam Graham, raised awareness of convicted sex offenders ending up in women’s jails, Sturgeon still struggled to define Bryson’s gender, stating that Bryson identified as a woman but that she considered Bryson a rapist.

Eventually the Scottish Prison Service ruled that those guilty of violent and sexual offenses will no longer be housed in the female estate. Sturgeon’s comments prompted harsh criticism by renowned gender critical feminist J.K. Rowling, who slated the party’s narrative for suggesting that any woman concerned about the safety of biological females was a “bigot”.

Former First Minister Humza Yousaf took over the party’s leadership in a time of controversy surrounding embezzlement claims and the transgender debate. Yousaf raised further concerns about the party’s progressive policies when he signed a new hate crime bill, which would protect transgender women under the country’s new hate crime laws. Yousaf’s resignation followed a collapse of the SNP’s coalition with the similarly progressive Green Party over a change in the SNP’s net zero policies. Scottish Tory MSP Rachael Hamilton responded to Winney’s comments, noting that nothing had changed. Hamilton stressed the difference between biological sex and gender.

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