Governor DeSantis Quashes Rumors of Wife Casey’s Run for Office

( – In the United States, 36 states have term limits for the office of governor. Florida is one of them. As popular as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been with conservative voters in his state, after the current term his limit will be reached.

Speculation has already begun as to who could possibly replace him. One interesting choice is his wife, Casey DeSantis. A former local news journalist, Casey has been dividing her time between being mother to her three children, supporting her husband’s career and championing several different causes as first lady.

However, at a press conference in Coral Gables, Florida on Monday May 14, Governor DeSantis firmly shut down the speculation. He said if he had to characterize his wife’s interest in running for governor, he would have to describe it as zero. DeSantis added that perhaps she has no interest in running for public office because she has had a “front row seat” to all the nonsense that is involved in the job. This could be disappointing to the 38% of those surveyed in a poll conducted by Florida Atlantic University, who indicated they would support Casey DeSantis over Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz.

DeSantis commented that the success of the programs Casey has been supporting may be one reason people would like her to run for governor. As a cancer survivor, she has supported initiatives to combat it and advocated for funding research. She has also been involved with children’s welfare programs as well as ones that are focused on childhood emotional resiliency. Her Hope Florida program is designed to help Floridians find a path to prosperity and has garnered significant governmental and community support.

Although Casey DeSantis has no intention of running for Florida governor, there will be many Republican notables competing for that position in the near future. Attorney General Ashley Moody, Florida Republican Representative Byron Donalds, Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson, and Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis may all be in the running along with Gaetz. Some are concerned that such a crowded field may lead to a destructive chaotic gubernatorial race. Many believe there will be just as many Democrats throwing their hat in the ring as well. While Casey DeSantis is off the ticket, there will evidently be a wide range of candidates for voters to choose from.

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