Deborah Birx Criticized As Worse Than Fauci

( – Founder and CEO of Good Kid Productions and documentarian Rob Montz has recently released a new documentary called “It Wasn’t Fauci: How the Deep State Really Played Trump.” The film details how Dr. Deborah Birx, who was the White House COVID-19 coordinator under President Donald Trump, may have been subverting Trump’s pandemic policies and making sweeping directives with little oversight.

Two years ago, Montz released a short documentary about how Harvard president Claudine Gay launched a vendetta against Harvard professor Roland Fryer, which he says was more about Fryer’s findings that police shootings are not a result of racial bias than about the claims of sexual harassment which were cited as the reason for his termination.

Birx was appointed as the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator by then-Vice President Mike Pence. However, she also worked for former president Obama during his administration as U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator as part of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) program and spent several years in the 1980s working on her clinical immunology fellowships in Dr. Anthony Fauci’s lab. Much of her work in recent years has focused on AIDS/HIV, although according to Montz she was not involved in “foundational research” in that so much as overseeing programs for providing access to existing treatments.

Birx readily admitted to deliberate tactics to get around then-president Trump’s policies during her appearance at the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis in 2022. While she blamed much of the breakdown in communication on Dr. Scott Atlas, a special advisor to Trump during the pandemic, she also openly stated that she would bury things deep in her reports that she expected there may be issues with. She did this in the hopes that they would be overlooked by Trump’s officials who might be skimming rather than reading closely.

Montz has stated that his documentary is not pro-Trump because he lays a lot of criticism at the former president’s feet for not understanding how political bureaucracy works. Characterizing Birx as an expert in bureaucratic games, Montz claims that she enacted a “casual coup” using standard office drone tactics. While the lockdowns are over, there is still much to investigate about how public health decisions got made, who made them, and on what evidence they made them. The amount of damage these policies have had on health, education, the economy and on public trust may take years to unravel. Montz’ documentaries can be viewed on YouTube.

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