ABC’s Stephanopoulos Challenges Sununu on Trump Support

( – On ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday April 14, Republican New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu shocked host Stephanopoulos by saying he would support the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump even if he loses the court cases that the former president is currently embroiled in. For many, this is particularly shocking as Sununu famously denounced Trump after the January 6 capital riots of 2021.

It does seem an abrupt reversal of Sununu’s stance on Trump, as he suggested in an interview in June of 2023 that the former president should drop out of the 2024 presidential election if he is convicted on any of the charges he is facing. Stephanopoulos brought this up with Sununu during Sunday’s discussion, asking if he still supported that point of view. Governor Sununu at first pointed out that he had supported Nikki Haley bid to be the 2024 Republican candidate to avoid “chaos”, he then pivoted to suggesting that is would be very unexpected for someone to drop out after they had already won the primary.

The New Hampshire Governor said that while he still stands by the criticism of Trump he has expressed over the past few years, he claims that his support of the former president now is about more than just Trump himself. He claimed it is normal for a Republican to support the GOP nominee for president regardless of their personal opinions and when pressed went on to explain that what’s really at stake is whether there will be a Democrat or a Republican administration.

While Stephanopoulos seemed appalled by this reasoning, Sununu made clear arguments that it isn’t necessarily about him it’s about the voters. When Stephanopoulos asked him to clearly state that he would support a former president that “contributed to an insurrection”, Sununu simply replied that 51% of America does. He accused Stephanopoulos of being in a New York City bubble where he may not be able to see that people are not crazy for wanting something different than what American life has become under the Biden Administration. He suggested that the American people may be rejecting the elitism that allows so many on the left to downplay the border crisis, lie about the inflation that is crushing American families and disregard states’ rights, parental rights and individual rights in general.

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