Trump and Orban Meet

( – Liberals’ heads have been spinning round and round since former President Trump hosted Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán at Mar-a-Lago on March 8. During a Pennsylvania campaign stop, President Biden blasted Trump for meeting with Orbán, telling attendees that the foreign leader does not believe in democracy. Hungary is a NATO country, but the Biden administration has taken a hostile stance toward Orbán. The Democrats, President Biden, and the media continuously claim that Orbán is an autocrat.

Shortly after Biden’s remarks, Trump posted a video from Orbán’s visit, thanking him for saying that he was “a president of peace.” Orbán also posted on his Facebook account about his meeting with Trump. He highlighted the various parts of the world that were peaceful because of Trump’s presidency. He argued that the United States needed Trump back in the White House and thanked him for his invitation to Mar-a-Lago. The following day, Trump spoke about his meeting with Orbán during his campaign rally in Rome, Georgia.

One viral video showed Trump on stage in the ballroom, where he introduced Orbán and jokingly said that he was without controversy because he always says, “This is the way it’s gonna be and that’s the end of it.” He complimented Orbán on his leadership and pointed out that he is respected around the world. Unsurprisingly, the media took his joke seriously and have ramped up their discussions about Trump’s intention to behave as a dictator if he is elected for a second term.

Orbán has given several speeches during Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) gatherings, one of which was hosted in Hungary. Criticism of Orbán has undoubtedly ramped up since he sat for an interview with Tucker Carlson in August last year. He made similar remarks about Trump but also discussed his dissatisfaction with the Biden administration for trying to influence public policy in Hungary. The country was most recently in the news for holding up Sweden’s entrance into NATO but ultimately approved its accession. Sweden became a NATO country on March 7.

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