Scott Peterson’s Bid for Freedom Continues in Court

( – More than 2 decades since he was convicted for the murder of his wife, Laci Peterson, Scott Peterson is still trying to get that verdict overturned.

On Tuesday March 12, Peterson made a virtual appearance in court with his latest attempt at appeal. In January, the Los Angelas Innocence Project announced they would be taking up his case, asserting that the connection between Laci Peterson’s death and the burglary that occurred across the street from the Peterson home around the same time were not adequately investigated. Specifically, they would like new DNA testing methods to be used on the dirty mattress that was found in a burned-out van that Peterson’s lawyers believe was used both in the burglary and the murder.

Peterson’s new appeal hinges on new DNA-testing technologies. He has maintained his innocence in the death of his wife consistently and has supported the idea that the burglars may have been the actual killers since the beginning of the investigation. There has also long been criticism of the original trial regarding jury irregularities and claims of circumstantial evidence.

In particular, it was seen as deeply suspicious that when Peterson was arrested near the border to Mexico, he was sporting a drastic new look with bleached blond hair and carrying $10,000 in cash as well as his brother’s passport. Peterson’s fashionable tan, wide smile and slicked-back black hair had captured public interest and has been copied for murderous husband characters in the media ever since. While it is not surprising that his appearance has changed over the years, some were still startled to see his former frat-boy good looks faded now to a pale, thin, aging prisoner with graying hair pulled back into short ponytail.

There are over 70 independent organizations who are members of the Innocence Project, whose stated purpose is to help overturn wrongful convictions using new DNA testing. However, the national Innocence Project has recently released a statement distancing themselves from the LA Innocence Project. The Innocence Project has sometimes been criticized for fighting to get guilty prisoners released on technicalities with some people believing they are more invested in preventing incarceration than in discovering the truth. Peterson’s new case is only just beginning, though, with many investigations, tests and hearings to be arranged over the coming months.

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