Republicans Propose Trump’s Name for DC Airport

( – Friday March 29, a group of House Republicans introduced a new bill proposing that D.C.’s Washington Dulles International Airport be renamed in honor of former president Donald J. Trump. The new name being suggested is the Donald J. Trump International Airport, with many comparing the change to other airports renamed to honor former presidents such as the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington County, Virginia and the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, AK.

The measure is being led by Pennsylvania Republican Representative Guy Reschenthaler who is also the House Republicans’ chief deputy whip. His co-sponsors include Tennessee Republican Representative Chuck Fleischmann, Floria Republican Representative Michael Waltz, Texas Republican Representative Troy Nehls, Tennessee Republican Representative Andy Ogles, Alabama Republican Representative Barry Moore and Arizona Republican Representative Paul Gosar. Reschenthaler has publicly stated that the name change would be symbolic of prosperity, strength and freedom.

Virginia Democrat Representative Jennifer Wexton took to social media with her complaints which seem to echo many fellow Democrats sentiment about the proposed name change. She accused former president Trump of trying to undermine democracy and referred to the bill’s sponsors as delusional and unserious. Gerry Connolly, also a Virginia Democrat Representative, sardonically remarked in a statement that he’d suggest renaming a federal prison for Trump over an airport, referencing the former president’s extensive legal battles.

The bill is not guaranteed to pass in the House, but it extremely unlikely to be taken up by the Democrat-controlled Senate. Representative Moore says that two airports being named after what he calls the nation’s greatest presidents, Trump and Reagon, is only fitting. He credits Trump for standing up against what he calls “weaponized government”. If, against the odds, the measure passes, it would require a complete name change including all references to Dulles International Airport being changed to the new name in any laws or regulations, on all maps, and in any documents, papers, or other records in the United States.

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