Biden’s Missteps Highlighted During Wisconsin Visit

( – President Biden visited Wisconsin on April 8 to attempt to save face after 48,000 Democratic voters cast their ballots for “uninstructed” instead of him in the state’s presidential primary election on April 2. He spoke in front of a group in Madison to announce a new plan to provide student loan debt relief to 30 million borrowers, according to the Associated Press. Biden spoke for just 15 minutes before turning to cough into his hand and leave the stage.

RedState highlighted some of his missteps during the short speech, including his admission that his wife calls all the shots. He recently revealed that the First Lady was badgering him about stopping Israel’s retaliatory efforts against Hamas while speaking at a Ramadan event. He then said out loud for at least the second time that the Supreme Court blocking his student debt cancelation “didn’t stop us.” The Biden administration has spent years attempting to find any way possible to force taxpayers to foot the bill for student debt cancelation. The new plan would cancel up to $20,000 in accumulated interest for borrowers, which Biden has called “runaway” interest.

Biden also reportedly lied about the salary of a semiconductor manufacturing job that does not require a college degree. He told the crowd that workers could make $110,000 per year, although the Semiconductor Industry Association reports an average salary of $40,000 per year for workers with only a high school diploma. Additionally, provisions within the CHIPS Act require manufacturers to maintain prescribed demographics in the workforce, which has caused some chipmakers to cancel projects due to the inability to meet the stringent diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) requirements.

Biden also claimed that he came from a neighborhood of little opportunity, although he went to college after being raised by a used car salesman. RedState pointed out that it was obvious that there were opportunities for success where Biden grew up. The outlet blasted Biden for continuously pretending to be relatable to the average American when his life of elitism has been anything but average.

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