Palestinian Disappointment with Biden’s Aid Efforts in Gaza

( – A Palestinian activist went viral after unboxing and critiquing a meal provided by the United States to civilians in Gaza. The package was an MRE, or Meal, Ready-to-Eat, which is commonly consumed by members of the United States military when deployed or in situations when hot food is not readily available. Ahmed Kouta turned up his nose at nearly every food item that was included in the MRE, even cashews, which are one of the most expensive nuts in the world.

Kouta claimed that the only thing that was good in the MRE was the peanut butter. The contents included apple sauce, crackers, gum, a French vanilla-flavored drink, and an energy bar. After trying each item, he said that it was “one of the worst meals” he ever had, claiming that the MRE was “torturing us more than it’s being aid.” In reality, the humanitarian aid provided by the United States and other countries is likely the only thing keeping some Palestinians from starving. However, Hamas terrorists often confiscate the aid and force Palestinians to buy it from them.

Although polling showed that over 60 percent of Palestinians support the terrorist group Hamas, the Biden administration has made humanitarian aid in Gaza a top priority. At the same time, the United States has stood behind Israel’s right to defend itself following the October 7, 2023, terrorist attack in Israel. The country’s retaliatory efforts will continue until Hamas no longer exists, according to Israeli officials. Notably, over 75 percent of Palestinians polled were also supportive of the attack against Israel.

On March 15, a ship loaded down with 200 tons of food from the World Central Kitchen arrived off Gaza, with another expected to set sail soon. The United Nations is expecting to have trouble getting relief to the people in need but did not disclose any specific details as to how deliveries would occur. Multiple aid agencies have said that deliveries by boat and air could not solve the problem of sending supplies on land.

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