Mayor Accused of Paying Stylist on Payroll

( – Controversial Democrat Mayor of Dolton, Illinois, Tiffany Henyard, has been using city funding for her professional wardrobe stylist Brandon K. Momon. Momon’s professional styling business “Style Me Brandon” website and Instagram account often showcase the glamorous mayor. A Freedom of Information Act Request revealed that Momon was paid about $7,650 using city funding between April 6 and June 5 of 2023 with Momon being listed as an administrative assistant.

This is only the most recent revelation about Henyard, who has been accused of corruption and misuse of city funds. Henyard also serves as the Thornton Township supervisor, whose trustees have filed a lawsuit against her alleging withholding of financial records and check forgery. Between her two positions as Mayor and township supervisor, Henyard earns nearly $300K annually, which may not seem that high for an elected official but average incomes in Thorton Township and Dolton run closer to $45-50K and $24K per year respectively.

Trustee Jason House claims that the village may be facing a deficit of up to $5 million, and there is a rising chorus of vendors who say they have not been paid for work done for the city. John’s Pro-Tree Service did tree-trimming for the village last year, and the company’s owner John Baio says he is still owed $400,000. He says he was not given a reason for the lack of payment.

Dolton also still owes $427,000 to a company for the repaving of village streets that they completed in 2002. In the meantime, constituents see Henyard traveling first-class around the country, dining out at fine restaurants, and using taxpayer funds to pay local police to be her private security detail.

Only a year after she was elected, there was an attempt to recall her over public outrage that she had hired Lavelle Redmond as the town’s code enforcement officer, a position which would enable him to enter people’s homes. Redmond is a registered sex offender who, along with three others, kidnapped and sexually assaulted two girls when he was 16. The girls were 13 and 14. Several people have spoken to the FBI about Henyard, and many believe an official investigation may be imminent.

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