Louisiana Becomes 28th State With Permitless Carry

(IntegrityTimes.com) – On Tuesday March 5, Louisiana joined 27 other states by becoming what is called a “constitutional carry” state. This means that local laws for carrying firearms are meant to reflect the guaranteed right to own and carry them put forth in the second amendment.

While it would allow for concealed carry without a permit, there are still a few stipulations in the law. Gun owners need to be 18 or older, cannot have any other legal reason they are not permitted to have firearms, and there are certain places, such as churches, schools, courthouses, police stations, and the Capitol, where it is still not permitted.

Current Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry campaigned on the issue of constitutional carry, which may have helped him win the election against Democrat incumbent Governor John Bel Edwards who vetoed a similar bill in 2021. Proponents of the legislation have praised Landry for keeping such a pivotal campaign promise within only 57 days in office. While support for the new law has been driven by dedication to personal liberty and constitutional rights, campaigners have also focused on personal protection. Louisiana has also introduced Senate Bill 2, which if passed would help protect gun-owners who have concealed carry permits against lawsuits in cases where they use firearms in self-defense.

Louisiana’s Fraternal Order of the Police are among many groups who have opposed the expansion of gun rights in the state. Activist group Moms Demand Action believes the legislation will make Louisiana more dangerous. Some point to Louisiana’s high gun violence rates as they were the second highest state in the country for gun-related deaths in 2021. However, these numbers include suicides, and do not differentiate for illegally obtained firearms.

Interim NRA CEO and Executive Vice President Andrew Arulanandam applauded the swift passing of the bill and stated that it is the NRA’s mission to bring constitutional carry protections to every state in the nation. Louisiana’s House Speaker Pro Tempore Mike T. Johnson commented that due to rising crime, the bill will offer residents of the state assurance in their “God-given right” to defend themselves and their families. The law is expected to go into effect on the fourth of July this summer.

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