GOP Ohio Senate Contender Bernie Moreno Ridicules Gun Owners

( -The Ohio Senate seat currently held by radical Democrat Sherrod Brown is being closely watched by many. The primary election for the three-time winner Senator Brown’s Republican opponent has come down to three men, Secretary of State Frank LaRose, State Senator Matt Dolan, and businessman Bernie Moreno. All three seem to be campaigning heavily on key Republican issues. Early voting began on Wednesday February 28, and will be decided on March 19.

While the border crisis, abortion, and the minimum wage are all subjects of concern, many voters are most interested in the Republican candidate’s views on guns, gun control and the 2nd amendment. All three seem to fall within the threshold of conservative opinion but critics have recently unearthed an interview from 2019 during which Moreno laughs about the idea of anyone needing large amounts of ammunition, endorsing universal background checks and suggesting that different types of guns should have ratings like movies.

The podcast he was on was “Fortify Your Data,” with host Michael Hudak which is focused on technology and issues related to the tech world. Moreno has responded to criticism about his comments on the podcast by pointing out that he was not in public office then and wasn’t in the business of making public policy. He characterizes his comments as joking and suggests those who are bringing the old podcast to the attention of voters are trying to fool them.

Moreno now says he does not support any restriction of gun rights, and as someone who was born in Colombia, South America, he is not confused as to why the 2nd amendment is so important. He went on to suggest that the government overreach enacted during the pandemic is exactly the sort of tyranny that happens to unarmed populations. However, his statements now and the conflicting ones in the old podcast seem to have cast some doubt on his sincerity and his opponent Frank LaRose has the official endorsement of the largest grassroots pro-Second Amendment group Ohio, the Buckeye Firearms Association.

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