Ex-ATF Agent Joins Forces Against Missouri

(IntegrityTimes.com) – In an opinion piece for Yahoo! News, retired Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agent Peter W. Lobdell lamented the changes to Missouri’s gun laws that have taken place over the last few years. He firmly believes these changes to lawful gun ownership are at least partly responsible for increased gun violence in Missouri cities like St. Louis and Kansas City. He does not offer proof that the gun violence is linked to legally obtained guns, however.

Lobdell mentions several pieces of legislation that he believes has made Missouri less safe. The first was the legislation that revoked the requirement that people first obtain a permit from the Sherrif’s office to purchase a firearm. This required filing an application, paying a fee, then waiting for a background check. The specific firearm’s model, caliber and serial number would then be registered at the Sherriff’s office, and the buyer would receive a permit to present to the licensed firearms dealer, where the federal purchase form would then be filled out. He praised the now defunct requirements as better for public safety and law enforcement.

He also criticized the Missouri General Assembly for passing a constitutional carry law that would allow any Missouri resident who is legally allowed to own a gun to carry it on their person without a permit. He says this is very dangerous to the public and the police. Finally, the most recent piece of legislation that he is critical of is the Second Amendment Protection Act, which allows state law enforcement to refuse to cooperate with federal gun restrictions that do not align with Missouri state gun laws.

Lobdell goes on to complain that he wrote to state and city officials in Missouri more than three years ago outlining what he considers better firearm restriction laws but has yet to receive any replies. In conclusion he mentions that the gunmen in the Chiefs rally mass shooting at Union Station were carrying and using firearms but does not mention that at least one of the guns used by the perpetrators was stolen not legally procured. Gun rights activists have suggested that Lobdell is more interested in curtailing lawful gun ownership than protecting anyone.

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