Democratic Lawyer Criticizes Fani Willis

( – Legal experts are weighing in after Superior Judge Scott McAfee ruled that either Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis or special counsel Nathan Wade must remove themselves from the case against former President Trump and his co-defendants. Additionally, on March 24, McAfee ruled that Trump could appeal an order that denied Willis’s disqualification from the case. An unlikely critic joined “The Brian Kilmeade Show” on Fox News to discuss Willis’s potential resignation or recusal from the case.

Democratic lawyer Julian Epstein said that if Willis wanted to see Trump and his co-defendants found guilty, she would step down from the case or resign from her position. He blasted Willis for what he called “a kickback scheme” between her and Wade. He expressed doubts about the veracity of the claims related to the date the pair began their romantic relationship, as well as Wade’s insistence that he was reimbursed in cash by Willis for their exotic travel adventures together.

Epstein said that he thought “the judge was right to allow the Trump team to appeal,” noting that Willis’s decision to remain on the case was just one of the questions that needed answering before the case could proceed. He mentioned potential perjury charges from the state, indicating that the legislature would be exploring its options. He called the whole debacle “an utter embarrassment” for the group of people who are prosecuting Trump during the final stretch before the 2024 election.

Trump and several other co-defendants charged in the Georgia case appealed the ruling to the Georgia Court of Appeals on March 26. While Wade resigned from the case immediately after McAfee’s ruling, the defendants’ attorneys believe that she has lost all credibility and is too shrouded in scandal to lead the prosecution. It is possible that the appeal could be ignored by the state’s Court of Appeals, as Georgia law does not require the case to be heard.

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