White House Urges Fox News to Correct Coverage of Bribery Claims Against Hunter Biden

(IntegrityTimes.com) – Following the arrest of former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov, the White House contacted Fox News and demanded the outlet retract stories related to the alleged bribery of President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The letter was written by Ian Sams, who serves as the White House special assistant to Biden. Sams wrote that the claims against Hunter Biden were untrue and argued that “the footnote citations would fill multiple pages” if he were to reference all the times that Fox’s media personalities discussed the accusations.

Sams pointed out that Smirnov had been “federally indicted for making the whole thing up.” He added that the outlet had not taken any action to remedy its incorrect reporting. The Department of Justice indicted Smirnov on February 14 for lying about when he met with executives from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. Miranda Devine from the New York Post recently published an article outlining how Smirnov’s indictment appeared to be “a sloppy set up job.” Devine noted that Special Counsel David Weiss, who is investigating Hunter Biden, appeared to be attempting to prove that Smirnov was a liar, but has made no attempt to look into the allegations made by Smirnov.

Fox News told The Hill that it had reported every new development from Smirnov’s indictment and its plans to continuously report every aspect of any investigations related to the matter. In his recent deposition testimony to the House Oversight Committee, Hunter Biden told lawmakers that Smirnov duped them into participating in a disinformation campaign by the Russians to make his father look bad. However, Republicans have produced and relied on various pieces of evidence during their investigation into the business dealings of the Biden family, including bank records, suspicious activity reports, and testimony from Hunter Biden’s business partners. At every turn, the Democrats have attempted to paint Hunter Biden as a drug-addicted, disturbed individual who was selling access to his father without his knowledge.

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