Trump Calls on Nikki Haley Supporters to Join MAGA Movement

( – Former President Trump beat Nikki Haley in every Super Tuesday state besides Vermont, prompting Haley to finally end her bid for the Republican nomination. In a Truth Social post, Trump touted his victory and pointed out that Democrats had propped up Haley’s campaign and the fact that Vermont holds open primary elections. Trump previously said that he hoped Nikki would continue her campaign until the primary elections were over.

Trump thanked his family and supporters, in addition to the GOP for helping him have a successful campaign thus far. He asked Haley’s supporters to join the Make America Great Again movement. In traditional Trump fashion, he wrote in all caps that “BIDEN IS THE ENEMY, HE IS DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY.” Shortly after Haley suspended her campaign, Biden compelled Haley’s voters to support his campaign instead. He repeated the worn-out rhetoric of the Democrats by insinuating that he could save American democracy if Trump is defeated.

Haley chose not to offer her endorsement to Trump during her speech announcing she was dropping out and instead suggested that he needed to try and win support for her Republican voters and voters from other parties. The Republican National Committee (RNC) congratulated Trump for his victory and Haley for her efforts, noting that she was the first woman to secure a victory in a Republican presidential primary election. Haley also won Washington D.C.’s primary election.

Republican voters have revolted against the RNC for its actions after the 2020 election, in addition to its mismanagement under the leadership of Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. She officially resigned from her position on March 8. The RNC elected North Carolina GOP chair Michael Whatley to replace McDaniel. Lara Trump, who is married to the 45th President’s son, Eric, was elected as co-chair of the RNC. Whatley previously said that the RNC’s top priority should be election integrity. Lara Trump revealed that the RNC had already received a $100,000 check since the leadership change.

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