Senator Clashes Over Immigration ‘Bumper Sticker’ Talk

( – On Thursday June 27, Democratic South Carolina Senator Dick Harpootlian appeared on Fox News where he discussed the border crisis with Fox News host Martha MacCallum.

MacCallum mentioned that the funeral of Jocelyn Nungaray, the 12-year-old who was allegedly murdered by Venezuelan migrants was taking place that very day. Harpootlian indignantly interrupted insisting all migrants who have been crossing the southern border are persecuted political refugees. When she pointed out the levels of immigration the U.S. is experiencing is not like anything the nation has experienced before, he accused her of reducing a complicated issue to a catchphrase or “bumper sticker”.

MacCallum commented that she did not believe the people whose children have been murdered think these discussions are just catchphrases. Harpootlian argued that President Biden wants to let in refugees who are fleeing political persecution. He added that he understands if MacCallum doesn’t want MI-6 members allowed into the country. He seems to have meant criminal gangs like MS-13, not the British intelligence agency. Harpootlian urgently seem to want to steer the conversation away from the border crisis.

He tried shifting the subject to the debate that was to take place later that day, but MacCallum was just as determined to discuss America’s lax border policies. In 2020 there were over 400,000 illegal border crossings, but every year since then has had closer to 2 million. So far this year there have been over a million. Crime has exploded throughout the country as a result.

Jocelyn Nungaray was not the only person who may have been murdered by illegal immigrants this year. A Venezuelan immigrant has been arrested for the murder of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley and mother of five, 37-year-old Rachel Morin was allegedly murdered by a Salvadorian migrant.

Harpootlian apparently did not want to discuss the downsides to uncontrolled immigration and repeated the party position that it better to be kind to all who breach the U.S. borders. However, as more death and destruction are wrought on the American people by illegal immigrants many are demanding answers. The Biden administration does not seem interested in addressing the pain and fear that the current border policy has produced. For many, every crime committed by an illegal migrant is one that could have been prevented by stronger immigration policies.

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