RNC Chair Promises Positive Vision at GOP Convention

(IntegrityTimes.com) – In a recent interview Michael Whatley, chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) talked about how the Republicans will be rolling out a “overwhelmingly positive” vision for country at the upcoming Republican National Convention. The convention will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from July 15 to 18. at the Fiserv Forum. Despite former president Trump’s current legal troubles, Whately seemed confident that he will be at the convention in person to accept his party’s official nomination

The convention is set to start just four days after Trump’s sentencing for his conviction for falsifying business records. Some believe there is a chance that he may not be able to be at the convention, but even if he were to receive a prison sentence, he would likely remain free while appealing the conviction. In a recent press conference, Whatley indicated that he is expecting Trump at the convention, although they are prepared to make contingency plans if they need to. Besides the presidential nominee, there are also expected to be roughly 50,000 delegates, guests and members of the media at the convention.

When asked about the Republican platform and how it has evolved since 2016, Whatley said that their platform is going to be pro-America. He added it will also be pro-life and “pro-economy”. There will be plenty of opportunity during the convention to hear more about the Republican party platform, and outside there are designated zones for marching and protesting. Some protestors have indicated they will not be obeying the protest rules the Secret Service designed for safety and to minimize impact on the city.

Wisconsin could be a major player in the upcoming presidential election. Trump won the state by a narrow margin in 2016 but then lost it to Biden in 2020. Alison Prange, the chief operating officer for the MKE 2024 Host Committee commented that the week of the convention Milwaukee will be in the “global spotlight”. She indicated that having the convention in Milwaukee is an amazing opportunity to show people from all around the world how “awesome” their city is.

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