Melania Trump Teases Potential Return to the Campaign Trail

( – Former first lady Melania Trump appeared alongside former President Trump on March 19 as the couple cast their ballots in Florida’s presidential primary election. A reporter asked Melania Trump if she planned to come back to the campaign trail to support her husband in his bid for a second presidential term. She smiled and responded, “Stay tuned.” Left-leaning media outlets and Democrats spent four years claiming that Melania Trump hated her husband, predicting that she would leave him after he was no longer president. Her private life irritated the media, which led to multiple articles speculating about where she was, was not, or where they thought she should be.

Last September, the 45th President told NBC’s Meet the Press that his wife lives a private life but loves the United States. When asked if she would be joining him in his campaign, he said that he likes “to keep her away from it. It’s so nasty and so mean.” Melania Trump’s mother passed away just two months ago, but some outlets, like CNN, failed to mention that point when listing recent events she had missed. The outlet did note that one source previously said that Melania Trump’s focus was primarily on the couple’s son Barron, who will be graduating from high school in just a few months.

Back in December, Melania Trump gave a welcoming speech at the National Archives during a naturalization ceremony. She spoke to 25 people about the responsibility of becoming an American citizen and shared her experience in the process. She told the story of her arrival to the United States in 1996, which was 10 years before she officially became a citizen. She discussed the challenges she faced and the patience she had to develop while drowning in endless paperwork. She encouraged the new citizens to take pride in what they had accomplished. Just ahead of the ceremony, she told Fox News that it was an honor to be invited to participate in the naturalization of new citizens.

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