MAGA Supporters Slam Hunter Biden’s White House Visits

( – On Tuesday July 2, White House Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about President Biden’s son Hunter Biden being present at some of the president’s meetings with senior advisors. While she had a ready answer for that, some right-wing commenters have expressed concern over scandal-plagued younger Biden’s presence in these official White House meetings.

Some outlets have reported that the president’s son has joined meetings with Joe Biden and his top aides ever since they returned to the White House on Monday night after a stint at Camp David. He was in the room alongside his father during the preparation for remarks on the Supreme Court’s decision on presidential immunity. He has apparently been popping in on calls or into meetings with the president. There have been some in the White House who have been asking what exactly is happening.

In June Hunter Biden was found guilty of illegally buying a gun while using drugs and lying on a government form about his drug use. His sentencing is scheduled for October. He is being actively investigated for tax fraud by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). His infamous laptop with its possible evidence of drug or sex crimes is an ongoing thorn in the side of the Biden administration. Furthermore, there have been nearly continuous accusations of conflict of interest and influence peddling regarding Hunter and his business dealings in Ukraine and China.

At the White House briefing on Tuesday, Jean-Pierre assured the press that Hunter’s presence was a normal part of a holiday week. She explained that the family had been together at the presidential country retreat, and he had accompanied his father home. She pointed out that as Independence Day was that week that people could expect to see more of the president’s family members present at the White House.

However, with President Biden’s recent disastrous debate with former president Trump, many are wondering if Biden is still up for the job. The presence of a family member in important decision-making meetings may make people wonder if it is truly the president making the decisions.

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