IT Fauci Admits Mistake in Extended School Closures

( – Dr. Anthony Fauci, who served as President Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor from 2021 to 2022, has admitted in an interview that the extended closure of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic was a mistake. Fauci defended the decision to shut everything down immediately and enforce major social distancing, but claimed that it was “incorrect” for the Biden administration to keep schools closed for as long as it did.

Tiffany Justice, a co-founder of the parental group Moms for Liberty, said her reaction to the confession was one of disappointment and sadness. Justice, whose group has been branded a movement of “anti-government extremists”, argued that there was no accountability for mistakes made during the pandemic in contrast with former President Donald Trump’s conviction of a crime his prosecutors cannot even find a name for.

The activist blasted Fauci for the closure of schools and churches and enforcement of face mask-wearing during the pandemic. Justice branded Fauci a “tall tale-teller” and stated that her group would not “co-parent” with the White House or let it dictate what was best for children. The mother expressed support for Trump on her X account, and also stated in June that gender ideology does not belong in schools.

Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has called for a criminal referral of Fauci, arguing that he should face prosecution for “crimes against humanity”. Fauci dismissed the “pattern” of conservatives blaming him for the deaths of large numbers of Americans during the pandemic, describing Greene’s rant as a “performance”. Fauci has blamed the Republican for fueling death threats against him.

Governments across the world have been criticized for extreme lockdown measures and the impact they had on mental health, the development of children forced to study from home and in isolation, and the availability of hospital appointments. In 2022 the US Supreme Court blocked Biden’s proposed workplace vaccine mandate. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in February 2022 that the US had suffered 1 million excess deaths during the pandemic.

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