Idaho Bar Gives Away Free Beer

( – In the modern world thematic week-long or month-long awareness celebrations have become commonplace. None are as bright and visible as Pride though, which now encompasses the entire month of June and is celebrated by official government organizations, libraries, schools, hospitals, and most corporations.

June is marked by gender and sexuality parades, media specials, and celebrations for LGBTQ+ people. In a society where people are free to celebrate, or not celebrate, any holiday they wish, there are some who believe there is room for people to go in another direction if they want.

One such cultural rebel is the owner of the Old State Saloon, Mark Fitzpatrick. In a post on the bar’s Facebook page, they announced they would be celebrating Heterosexual Awesomeness Month during the month of June. All month, Mondays are now Hetero Male Monday when being a “heterosexual male dressed like a heterosexual male” will be rewarded with a free beer. They’ve put out a job offer for a judge to determine whether the men’s clothing is sufficiently heterosexual. Other heterosexual themed discounts and celebrations are planned, and they’ve released a poll asking if they should have a heterosexual awesomeness parade.

Reactions to the announcement of the alternative June celebration were mixed. While some were supportive, others chose to see the divergence from mainstream culture as an affront. Various Facebook users angrily denounced the privately-owned bar’s Heterosexual Awesomeness Month as bigoted, insecure and intolerant. Old State Saloon responded to criticism with a post claiming to love their LGBTQ+ patrons and saying that everyone is welcome to come celebrate heterosexuality with them in June. When asked why they don’t prove their love with a LGBTQ+ night, they responded with examples of other beloved groups of patrons who also do not have dedicated theme events at their bar.

Sadly, some of the backlash against the Old State Saloon has gone beyond the healthy exercise of free speech. They have had cancellations for wedding catering, vendors refusing to fill orders, theft, and the owner has been falsely accused of being a sex offender. While people are free to not work with companies whose values they dislike, slander, libel and theft are unacceptable ways to express dissent. The owners used a crowdfunding site to recoup the losses they incurred when they announced their countercultural June celebrations. For those who wish to celebrate the more traditional Pride month, there are plenty of activities and events, but the Old State Saloon says they will not be changing who they are celebrating this June.

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