26 GOP AGs Sue Biden Over EV Standards

(IntegrityTimes.com) – The Biden administration is facing a lawsuit by the attorneys general of 26 states for fuel mileage standards that will push manufacturers into creating more electric vehicles rather than gas-powered vehicles. The state attorneys general filed suit against the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for fuel mileage standards that will go into effect as early as 2027.

The rule calls for a 2% yearly increase of fuel mileage on passenger vehicles from the years 2027-2031. The end goal is to reach 50.4 miles per gallon on all passenger vehicles by the year 2031. The AGs in the lawsuit state that the rule imposes “unworkable” standards that will force manufacturers to produce electric vehicles.

A rule that amounts to a “forced transition” overrides the free market and inflicts extra costs onto the American consumer according to the attorneys. AG Russel Coleman of Kentucky said Biden is pushing a “nonsensical green agenda” and should instead focus on the issues that help Americans put food on the dinner table.

The American Petroleum Institute filed a separate lawsuit in an attempt to overturn the latest fuel mileage rule. The American Farm Bureau Federation is also a party to this lawsuit that alleges that the rule will be even more harmful to rural and agricultural communities. The suit says that rural areas do not have sufficient charging infrastructure to accommodate a massive industry switch to electric vehicles over the next seven years.

The farming lobby also argues that new fuel mileage rules that operate as an electric vehicle mandate will also devastate farmers that rely on the sale of corn for the production of ethanol.

Donald Trump has denounced the Biden administration’s push for electric vehicles and called it a “radical plan.” While the Democratic party and Joe Biden push for a green agenda to reduce carbon emissions, Trump and the Republicans are focused on the detrimental effects such measures will have on the economy.

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