Guests Face 29 Rules at Bridezilla’s Wedding

( – If everything works out perfectly, a person will only have one wedding in their lifetime. This may or may not be true for individual people, but a wedding day is still considered a momentous occasion.

While they are meant to be joyful celebrations involving family and friends, they can also be stressful, expensive and contentious. Sometimes the disasters that occur are funny stories people tell at parties for years, and sometimes there is so much drama that permanent rifts are caused. Being extraordinarily anxious about having a perfect wedding can result in the sort of autocratic behavior that exemplifies the bridezilla.

Bridezilla is a modern term for a bride who is demanding, controlling, and difficult to work with. In a recent post on Reddit, one such bride was dismayed that her efforts to create the perfect wedding were being poorly received by her loved ones. She and her fiancé warned their carefully curated guest list of only 70 that they would have strict rules, and their friends and family were unconcerned. However, when the invitations went out listing 29 rules, some of which were fairly strict, the couple faced angry backlash. The rules restricted who could attend, what they could wear and eat, how they could socialize, as well as how they could dance and socialize. There was also a rule that guests were not allowed to leave for the entire 3-hour event.

The bride’s uncle was upset that his children would be excluded by her rule that nobody under 11 or 12 could attend. Her future mother-in-law was angry that female guests were required to wear pale yellow. The couple’s proposed menu of only vegan or seafood fare left her future brother-in-law with nothing he could eat. Online commenters on the post agreed with many of the objections to the rules. Some pointed out there are many reasons a guest may wish to leave a wedding, even temporarily. Others commented they would not attend an event where they were required to wear yellow. One of the directives forbade crying, which many found ridiculously controlling.

So many were complaining or threatening not to attend that the couple delayed the wedding. Despite the pushback, the couple do not believe they are being unreasonable and still hope to convince their guests to attend and follow the rules. The bride is particularly upset that some of her guests have been teasing them about their list of demands, and others have been discussing and mocking them behind their backs. While many of the 29 rules were just good manners or preferences for what kind of event they were hosting, some seemed unfriendly and controlling. It may be time for people to let go of the idea of a perfect wedding, and instead aim for a joyous imperfect human celebration of love and commitment.

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