Dennis Quaid Endorses Trump

( – On Wednesday May 29, 70-year-old actor Dennis Quaid stated he would be voting for former president Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

For many this was surprising, as the entertainment industry skews heavily to the left with very few openly supporting any conservative measure or candidates. Back in 2020, Quaid characterized his political leanings as independent rather than left or right. He says that over the course of his life he has voted both ways “swinging like a pendulum” towards whatever he felt America needed at the time. Now it seems he feels the country needs Trump.

While Quaid admits he has disliked many things that the former president has said over the years, he says he liked everything he did. The actor contrasted Trump’s firm stances with Isis, China and North Korea with former president Jimmy Carter’s more friendly approach. He suggested that Carter’s attempts to have America be “everybody’s friend and pal” ignored the fact that some people may not be acting in good faith. While he admires Trump for standing up for the U.S. against overseas adversaries, he openly admits that Trump’s personality may be off-putting.

Quaid believes that Trump is genuinely working for the American people, while indicating he doesn’t even believe that President Biden is “at the helm”. The seasoned actor, who is set to play the late President Ronald Reagan in the upcoming film Reagan, suggested that Biden is inauthentic. He explained that he thinks that Biden just says what he has to get votes, rather than what he actually believes. He contrasted that sharply with his view that Trump is sincere about saying what he believes to be true.

Although many on the left do not remember President Reagan fondly, Quaid says that he might have been his favorite president of all time. He is expecting blowback for his open support of Trump, but for some his portrayal of Reagan is a positive light will have already marked him as a Hollywood outsider. Some have commented that his seemingly sudden approval of Trump is unsurprising as his brother actor Randy Quaid has been an open supporter of the former president for years. Ultimately, Quaid expressed hope that whoever is elected in November that Americans remember they all live in the same country and the world will not end if their preferred choice does not win.

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