DC Suspends Hunter Biden’s Law License

(IntegrityTimes.com) – Hunter Biden has been barred from practicing law in Washington DC following the jury’s guilty verdict in his gun trial in Delaware. The DC Court of Appeals ordered on June 25 that Hunter’s license to practice law in the district be suspended with immediate effect. The president’s son was convicted of three counts on June 11 in the criminal trial after the jury agreed with the prosecution’s claims that Hunter lied about his drug addiction when applying for a firearm in 2018.

The 54-year-old is the first child of an incumbent US president to receive a criminal conviction. His legal team is pushing for a new trial following the ruling. Hunter’s lawyers are relying on a technicality relating to a procedural issue to question the grounds for the trial. Hunter could face jail time as a result of the conviction, but it is unlikely he will receive the maximum 25-year prison sentence.

The bar association’s members face suspension if they are found guilty of fraud, misrepresentation, or false swearing among other offenses. The notice that sought to suspend Hunter’s law license following the conviction was filed by the DC Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

Hunter’s legal troubles are not over following his conviction in Delaware; he faces nine federal charges in California relating to alleged tax evasion. The prosecution claims that Hunter neglected to pay over $1.4 million in taxes in the fiscal years 2016-2019. The indictment claims that Hunter chose to squander money on escorts, drugs, expensive hotels and luxurious cars instead of paying his taxes.

An FBI agent, Erika Jensen, testified at the gun trial and confirmed that Hunter Biden’s laptop was genuine. She demonstrated that the laptop contained evidence relating to Hunter’s gun purchase and drug addiction in 2018. Former intelligence officials and President Joe Biden had previously claimed that the laptop was the product of Russian disinformation. A Supreme Court has, however, recently ruled against right-wing conspiracy theories claiming the FBI had social media firms censor discussion relating to the laptop.

Following the gun trial conviction, several Republicans continued to slate the justice system and dismissed the trial as a distraction from the real crimes of the “Biden Crime Family”. The insinuations relate to claims long made by Republicans that, via Hunter’s business dealings, the Bidens are linked to foreign influence peddling, bribes and money laundering. More serious charges linked to the claims have not been brought against the president’s son, however.

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