Zelenskyy Rejects Idea of a Cease-Fire in Ukraine

(IntegrityTimes.com) – During a visit to Ukrainian allied and NATO member country Estonia, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with Estonian leadership, made a speech to the Estonian parliament, and gave a press conference. He publicly announced that Ukraine would not be considering any ceasefires as they would benefit Russia, not Ukraine. He says that if there were a temporary truce, Russia would only use that time to rearm and then use that renewed strength to crush Ukraine.

The visit to Estonia is part of a multi-country tour for the Ukrainian president as he attempts to fire up flagging support for the Ukraine-Russian conflict. On Wednesday, January 10th, he was in Lithuania where he earned their pledge of continued support, then Thursday, January 11th, he was heartily welcomed by avid supporters in Estonia. Then he moved on to Latvia, where he was promised more military aid by Latvian President Edgars Rinkevics. All three of the small Eastern European nations are former Soviet Bloc countries that now are NATO members. President Zelensky has been outspoken in his frustration that Ukraine has not been accepted as a NATO member yet.

European Union countries have already provided about $93 billion in support of Ukraine‚Äôs war efforts. Europe also pledged to provide one million artillery shells within 12 months but fell far short of that, providing only about 300,000 so far. The U.S. has provided $75.4 billion in humanitarian, military and economic support. The Biden administration’s new aid deal for Ukraine of $60 billion is being addressed in Congress but in the meantime, U.S. aid to Ukraine is suspended. Estonia’s President Alar Karis says that while democratic countries have already done much to help Ukraine, they must collectively do more to ensure that Russia is completely defeated.

President Zelenskyy says that Russia is getting artillery shells and missiles from North Korea, as well as drones from Iran. While some believe that Russian President Putin has been signaling that he would be open to a ceasefire, both Russia and their ally China were notably absent at the October peace talks in Malta when President Zelenskyy presented his 10-point plan which included total withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. During his speech to the Estonian parliament, President Zelenskyy firmly declared that tyranny must be defeated.

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